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Feminist Wednesday blogger Erin Bagwell Dream Girl
How I Turned My Love of Storytelling Into a Business

Feminist Wednesday blogger Erin Bagwell turns her passion for sharing women’s stories into film. See “Dream, Girl,” currently screening across the country and recently selected by Oprah to be part of her SuperSoul 100 roundup.

The Life Lessons I Learned from Stripping

What is it about the word stripper? It’s an innocuous word with a sour aftertaste, one that has the power to incite threat and feelings of inadequacy to women everywhere.

Catherine Hernandez is a Well-Spring of Body Wisdom
Catherine Hernandez Is a Well-Spring of Body Wisdom

Each of us has one body to travel through this world in and, unfortunately, many of us have not been taught to love these bodies. Catherine Hernandez feels that we can learn to love our bodies just as they are and that 2017 is a great time to start.

LEGACY FATALE Coco Dolle, Pankhust House Suffragette Sash
Coco Dolle’s Performance Collective Legacy Fatale

New York artist Coco Dolle found her alter-ego and the reference point from which to build her own iconography for her performance art collective, Legacy Fatale, re-contextualizing the historical Amazon as the champion of her vision of an egalitarian and fe

How Chronic Lyme Disease Changed My Life
How Chronic Lyme Disease Changed My Life

After numerous doctors confirmed that I did not have Lyme disease, one doctor finally told me I did. I cried of happiness.

How I Learned the Study of Light

I came to Oaxaca to study light and left with a new appreciation of not only how light dictates art, but how it shapes our day to day.

Yes, Equal – Isabel Urbina Pena
Isabel Urbina Peña On Gender Balance in the Creative Field

As a letterer and graphic designer, Isabel Urbina Peña has a longstanding passion for everything related to letters. … These discussions led her to create the Yes, Equal project, a database of female creatives.

Laure Travers, Clandestino Bar, New York City
French Connection On the Lower East Side

With a long-standing immigrant history, New York’s Lower East Side is home to thousands of people like Laure who have found a place for themselves within the neighborhood’s diverse community.

Lauren Maples, Bija Kids
Not Your Everyday ‘Child’s Pose’

The day after she graduated from The New School, Lauren Maples opened Bija Kids, a children’s yoga company. Nine years later, Maples, 32, who spent her youth training for a career as a ballet dancer, has raised Bija into a household name …

Teach the Children Well: Kids With Special Needs, Sarah Brooks
Teach the Children Well

What’s the best way to serve children with special needs? Over boxed wine and a bite to eat, educators Lauren Bowden and Sarah Brooks talk for the first time and open up about what it’s truly like to teach those who are too often cast aside.