About Us

We are a print and digital publication dedicated to reshaping society’s ideas of what “women’s things” are. We are interested in stories that never get told: educational, emotional and inspirational. We are finding and highlighting the women who are making history today. Join us!

Alana Chloe Esposito

Contributing Editor

Alana Chloe Esposito is a writer and editor with a professional background and a Master’s degree in international affairs. A U.N. Correspondent for AWT, she writes about international security and global development with a focus on women. She has contributed to various publications including the New York Times.

Alex Tyson

Writer & DC Brand Ambassador

Alex Tyson is a contributing writer at A Women's Thing. Her writing and photography can be found in She Shreds, on the album cover of the band Metric's Fantasies Flashbacks, and in a very dense U.S. Government Climate Action Report sent to the United Nations.

Alicia Barrett

Sound Editor

Alicia Barrett is an audio engineer and sound editor specializing in spoken word media, like podcasts, audiobooks, and film dialogue editing and mixing.

Allison Geller

Associate Editor

Allison Geller has written for The Financial Times, Bustle, BKLYNR, uncube, ArtSlant, The St. Petersburg Times, The Moscow Times, Russian Life and others. Her chapbook of poetry, Write Home, is available from Finishing Line Press. When not writing, Allison can be found at a ballroom dance studio in midtown.

Anna Marie Clifton


Anna Marie Clifton is a former gallery manager turned tech denizen, living and working in San Francisco. To find out more about her tech adventures, follow her on Twitter.

Ann Oldenburg

Contributing Editor

Ann Oldenburg, an alum of The Washington Post and USA Today, is a writer, an editor and the interim director of Georgetown University's journalism program. She loves the beach, even though she lives nowhere near one.

Dora Vanette

Contributing Editor

Dora Vanette is a design historian and writer based in New York. She is a lecturer at Parsons The New School for Design where she teaches courses on design history and critical reading and writing. Her research and writing has focused on design education and modernist design in the Eastern Bloc. Her writing has appeared in several publications including Dwell and Metropolis.

Frances F. Denny

Contributing Photographer

Frances F. Denny is an artist and photographer whose work investigates the development of female selfhood and identity. She holds an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and a BA from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. Her artwork is represented by ClampArt in New York City.

Genevieve Walker

Contributing Editor

Genevieve Walker is a writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She writes nonfiction, criticism, essays (poetry and some fiction) about photography, eating, cities, and women who work with their hands. She's written for Bon Appétit, Real Life, GQ, The Brooklyn Quarterly, The Pitchfork Review, Guernica, and others. Previously she led web editorial operations for the Players' Tribune, and before that, GQ, and before that, Vanity Fair.

Georgette Maniatis

Artwork Curation

Photographer and art curator for A Women's Thing. Follow her on Instagram @georgette_maniatis

Irene Huhulea

Digital Managing Editor

A former academic with a serious love of all things literary, Irene most often writes about media, culture, books and travel. When not writing (and even sometimes when writing), she can be found watching The Golden Girls.

Isabel Sullivan

Artwork Curation

Isabel Sullivan is an artist, writer, and current gallery manager based in New York City. @sullizvanin

Jackie Zimmermann

Contributing Editor

Writer for @NerdWallet and contributor to @AWomensThing. Formerly @MONEY. Tweet at Jackie with recommendations for Mexican food in Brooklyn.

Jessica Dunham

Contributing Editor

A West Coast-based writer and editor, Jessica's work has appeared in regional and national publications, including Runner's World, PHOENIX magazine, New Times, and more. She is a voracious reader of 1950s crime literature written by women, as well as every issue of New York magazine ever published.

Jess Marvin


Jess is an architect, designer and international woman of mystery with a passion for ideas that spark conversation and forward motion. Her curiosity is her guide.

Jess Ramalhete

Contributing Editor

Jess Ramalhete is a lifelong fan of narratives and especially the figurative elements therein. If she’s not looking for symbolism in books, then she’s looking for it IRL. She’s prone to, among other things, excitement. To that end, you should be able to spot her dancing down the streets of Manhattan to Golden Oldies music (particularly ’57–’64).

Kate Edwards

Contributing Photographer

Kate Edwards is a fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Brooklyn, NY & Los Angeles. She is available for freelance projects and collaborations, and would love to hear from you. She occasionally brags about her dog, Gary, who is also available for bookings.

Katharine Schwab

Contributing Editor

Katharine Schwab is a writer and editor based in New York. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Fast Company, and Los Angeles magazine.

Kirby Salvador

Contributing Artist

Born and raised in Chicago, Kirby Salvador is a New York-based illustrator specializing in fictional cities and the human figure. Drawing early inspiration from Archie comics and later from artists such as David Shrigley and Ellen Gallagher, her work reflects her desire for excitement and continual learning.

Lindsay Mueller

Contributing Writer

Lindsay Mueller lives in Brooklyn and works in New York City. She's fascinated by the metaphysical space where the body meets the mind. Lindsay on Instagram.

Maria Carter

Contributing Editor

Maria is a freelance writer and editor who’s contributed to publications including The Dallas Morning News, Draft, Southern Living, Vegetarian Times, and the websites of Country Living, Interior Design, Men’s Journal, Popular Mechanics, and more. She has also worked with companies such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Dell, and Priceline to develop brand-appropriate content for their blogs and websites.

Marie Castiglione

Contributing Designer

Marie is an art director / graphic designer / fine artist living in New York City. She lives a very colorful life, but when it comes to design she only sees in black and white. Marie is inspired by Fabien Baron's minimalism, Massimo Vignelli's graphicness and Beyonce's sassiness.

NatalieAnn Rich

Creative Director

Perhaps you’d like her to … Obsess over some colors for you? Explain to you the intricacies of brand architecture? Tell you what she thinks of Google’s new identity? Talk about branding with you? Grab a drink with her.

Rachel Hurn

Executive Editor

Rachel Hurn is a writer and a former bookseller and is currently the Associate Features Editor at Departures magazine. Her nonfiction, criticism, and personal essays have appeared in The New Yorker dot com, The Wall Street Journal, Interview Magazine, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Paris Review Daily, and other publications. She was born in Los Angeles and lives in New York City.

Salima Yacoubi Soussane

Contributing Editor

Salima Yacoubi Soussane is a writer and photographer who specializes in women’s empowerment. She is a New York and UN Correspondent, and has collaborated with The Guardian, MTV, Diptyk Magazine, and H24info.com. She lives in New York.

Sara Afzal

Contributing Writer

Sara Afzal is a writer and journalist in New York City. Sara enjoys writing about women’s issues, Iranian culture, international politics, technology, and social media. She attained a dual masters degree at NYU in Global Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies.

Sara Cornish

Contributing Writer

Project Director @g4c / Formerly @unglobalpulse / Alum @svadsi @vassar / #bikenyc #ultimatefrisbee

Sara DeLozier

Contributing Editor & Social Media Manager

Sara is a writer and editor in New York, and part of the publicity team at Picador Books. Her work primarily focuses on feminism, politics, and books, and has appeared in The Huffington Post and Ladies Get Paid, among other publications. She earned her MA in English Literature from NYU, with a special focus on the 19th-century novel, in 2015 and has since worked in book publishing and digital media.

Sarah Todd

Contributing Editor

Sarah Todd is a writer living in Brooklyn. She is the deputy ideas editor @qz, on the lookout for stories about the future of science, tech & careers.

Saskia Ketz

Publisher & Editor-in-chief

Saskia’s background is in advertising and branding. She has worked for Ikea, Timberland, plenty of fashion & perfume brands and startups in NYC. Nowadays, she’s all about business, analytics & strategy and maintaining her soft spot for typography and target audience analyses. She also gives personal talks on why not being an employee is a healthier choice of life.

Tatum Mangus

Contributing Photographer

Tatum Mangus is a photographer who loves the preciousness of film and the way it makes her concentrate on each shot. Working mostly in medium format with color negative film, she feels most invested in a project when she can discover a great shot on a roll of negatives.

Tramaine George

Contributing Photographer

New York-based creative enthusiast with a passion for photography and all things film. @mainefocus

Whitney Seiler

Contributing Editor

Sometimes plans, but sometimes wings it.

Xiu-Jing Shi

Deputy Editor

Always plans, and never wings it. She loves money, monkeys, and being mischievous.

Yin Q.

Yin is a BDSM educator/writer, media producer, sex work activist, and mother of two fierce girls. She has a BA from Barnard College and MFA from The New School. Her writing and work can be found at YinQ.net.

Darshan Somashekar

Tech Support

Darshan Somashekar is an entrepreneur that has co-founded and sold two companies, drop.io to Facebook in 2010, and Imagine Easy to Chegg in 2016. He spends his time learning the latest technology and developing new versions of old school classic games like Solitaire.


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