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Art Series of Identity Invention by Parker Day

Parker Day explores the invention of identity, informed by the belief that identity is a malleable construct that we have the power to dismantle. Underneath their saturated hues and often humorous subjects lies an undercurrent of darkness and rage, exploring the power of potential over circumstances to shape one’s reality. ICONS, her series of 100 portraits, is being presented in solo shows in Los Angeles in February, 2017, and New York and Portland in March, 2017. This artwork feature originally appeared in the Money issue.



Blue Lady
Parker Day
Model: Uhuru Moor




God Bless America
Parker Day
Model: Uhuru Moor






Parker Day
Model: Alees Yvon

Parker Day is a Los Angeles based artist whose work explores identity and the masks we wear. Her focus is on fictionalized portraiture shot in studio on 35mm film.




Parker Day
Model: Molly Soda




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