Irene Huhulea

Digital Managing Editor

A former academic with a serious love of all things literary, Irene most often writes about media, culture, books and travel. When not writing (and even sometimes when writing), she can be found watching The Golden Girls.

I Have No Regrets

I Have No Regrets—How Creative Leaps Shape Careers

A recent Forbes article reported that two million Americans quit their jobs every month, mostly out of a sense of dissatisfaction and disempowerment. Despite a fraught economic climate and a high unemployment rate, the report suggests that there is something compelling about leaving behind a difficult situation for the promise of a better future. But how does that career shift manifest? And how are women’s professional lives affected by these decisions?

Carolyn Castiglia and Lane Moore, Hurt Until It Laughs

Hurt Until It Laughs

For comedians Carolyn Castiglia and Lane Moore, painful topics mean opportunities for entertainment and connection.

What We Learned From The Golden Girls

What We Learned From “The Golden Girls”

When “The Golden Girls” premiered on primetime television in 1985, the show was considered revolutionary for its portrayal of single women entering their golden years with a zest for life (and sex). I was only four when it first aired, but I discovered it with interest several years later, as an eight-year-old growing up in New York City.