Salima Yacoubi Soussane

Contributing Editor

Salima Yacoubi Soussane is a writer and photographer who specializes in women’s empowerment. She is a New York and UN Correspondent, and has collaborated with The Guardian, MTV, Diptyk Magazine, and She lives in New York.

Karima Bennoune on Women's Rights

Cultural Heritage and Women’s Rights

Karima Bennoune explains why cultural rights are women’s rights. Bennoune has received numerous awards, including the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (2014) for her recent book, “Your Fatwa …

In Search of More Gender Equality at the UN

Numerous profiles of outstanding women have been compiled on the Woman Secretary General website. Yet, it is a man, António Guterres, who was elected by acclamation to be the new Secretary General.

My Legacy as a Moroccan Woman

My Legacy as a Moroccan Woman

As an avant-garde Islamic feminist, Mernissi explains how illegitimate male domination is. Using the same religious and social grounds men use to oppress, Mernissi demonstrates how women have all the prerogative to conquer their rights and powers.