Saskia Ketz

Publisher & Editor-in-chief

Saskia’s background is in advertising and branding. She has worked for Ikea, Timberland, plenty of fashion & perfume brands and startups in NYC. Nowadays, she’s all about business, analytics & strategy and maintaining her soft spot for typography and target audience analyses. She also gives personal talks on why not being an employee is a healthier choice of life.

Dale Appleman, Unfold

Challenging Abstraction

Dale Appleman is a Manhattan native, a distinguished painter and the mother of actress and photographer Gillian Zinser, profiled in AWT’s Rejection issue. We spoke to Appleman about her artistic process, the value of solitude in creative work, and the ways things have changed for female artists between her generation and her daughter’s.

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Dot Vile, Outside the Home, bearing/bare, found chair

Outside the Home

Artist Dot Vile works in textiles with the delicacy of a surgeon with a scalpel, weaving a narrative out of construction materials and cloth that captures the combination, and often juxtaposition, of the male-female dynamic.

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Gillian Zinser Psychogenic Fugue Remember Who I Am

Gillian Zinser’s Psychogenic Fugue

In certain circles, Gillian Zinser is best known for her role as Ivy Sullivan in the recent spin-off of Darren Star’s “90210.” But to us, Zinser is a photographic storyteller whose dream-like images move us out of the ordinary and into the surreal.

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