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Documentary Film: The Breast Archives—March 10, 2018 | NYC

The Breast Archives by Meagan Murphy
The Breast Archives, an audacious documentary by Meagan Murphy. The film has been officially selected for presentation at The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival on March 10. Photo courtesy of The Breast Archives.

The Breast Archives, an audacious documentary exposing how breasts can truly impact self-esteem and life experiences for women, will be presented at the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival on March 10, 2018, at 5:45pm, at The Village East Cinema in New York City. Tickets can be purchased here.

FILM EXCERPT: The Breast Archives—Breasts, Body and Spirit from The Breast Archives on Vimeo.

The Breast Archives shares the unadulterated stories of nine women who disclose the bodily shame and disconnection they felt throughout their adolescence and into adulthood, and how these feelings have deeply impacted their lives as a whole. As the women slowly reconnect with their body-based histories, they find a reservoir of strength and wisdom inside their complicated bosoms which allows them to heal.

The film is directed by award-winning producer Meagan Murphy, whose 25 years of experience in film and broadcast has included 12 years of work with the WGBH Educational Foundation. In 2008 she received a Communicator’s Award for her work on a weekly series for teenagers, and Women Distinction Magazine named her one of the top 10 Women Leaders of 2016.

“When we share our stories with courage and daring, we help create a world where everyone is seen.” —Meagan Murphy, Director

The film was recently presented at a benefit event for Planned Parenthood and is scheduled to be shown at several conferences, including the Association for Women & Mythology’s annual conference in Los Vegas. The film has received rave reviews from The Valley Advocate, The Huffington Post, and several women’s organizations.

The Director’s aim in creating the film was to explore the contexts and environments that influence the formation of the breast-psyche relationship, including the media, religion, and other factors that occur over time, such as pregnancy, sexual assault, breast cancer and menopause. By revisiting the roots of a woman’s relationship to her breasts—and thus to herself—the film creates an unprecedented opportunity to empower, engage, and enlighten a new generation.