Painting (Ophelia by Delacroix). Self-portrait

“Identity Doesn’t Exist” —Kimiko Yoshida

“There is no search for identity in my work. I know that identity doesn’t exist. There are only infinite layers of me. If I peel them back, like the skin of an onion, there will be nothing underneath.” —Kimiko Yoshida

Georgia O'Keeffe, Padded Kimono (Tanzen), circa 1960s-70s. Silk with woven black and gray stripe.

New Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibition Presents Her Life as Art

For most, the name Georgia O’Keeffe summons images of the bright floral close-ups for which the artist is best known. While those paintings were central to O’Keeffe’s rise in the American art world in the 1920s and 1930s, they make up a surprisingly small percentage of her life’s work.

Marilyn Minter's Green Lights

Green Lights by Marilyn Minter

Marilyn Minter is an American artist currently living and working in New York City. She collaborated with Miley Cyrus to support Planned Parenthood of New York City.