Birth Control Took Over My Life

Birth Control Took Over My Life

After giving her a too-intimate medical history, I teared up in frustration as I explained that I had no idea what caused my acne. She nodded wisely, and simply said, “I would bet it’s the IUD.”

Frances F. Denny, "Tiny Dancer" from the series Pink Crush (2015) Courtesy of ClampArt, New York

Getting Laid Off From My Job Led To My Biggest Transformation Yet

I just got laid off from the job that robbed me of my remaining passion and creativity. In some ways, this is the most liberating period of my life. I’m now free from working countless hours on tasks that can only lead to burnout, pushing agendas I don’t personally believe in, slapping fake smiles across my face and pretending to drink the insane Kool-Aid overflowing in the startup world.

Finding Common Ground by Isabel Sullivan

The Important Lesson My Roommate Taught Me

It took me 25 years to learn what finding common ground really meant. This became evident when I was living with a new roommate a year ago who turned out to be far different than I’d imagined when I interviewed her.