Cover by Anna Friemoth, A Women's Thing magazine Memory issue, Fall 2017

The Memory Issue

Dear Readers, Fall is the most nostalgic of the seasons, probably because, like childhood, it…

American Citizen, People’s Advocate, The Weekly Anglo-African, Chicago Eagle and other Black newspapers

Why We Need an All-Black Press

The 2016 presidential election included a candidate whose campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” but truth be told, America has never been great for Blacks.

A Women's Thing Summer Madness Issue, Cover by Kimiko Yoshida

The Madness Issue

There is nothing more maddening than the feeling of being alone—on a political issue; in a personal belief; with our work, our convictions, or our conflicts—when in those moments what we need most is togetherness.

A Women's Thing: New Issue Is Out

The Money Issue

Along with all a new format, we still have the same sharp content, like New Yorker staffer Lauretta Charlton’s essay, “Banking on the Women’s Health Business,” about the financial possibilities in apps that focus on the female body, or travel blogger Randi Delano’s advice for seeing the world on a dime.

A Women's Thing: The Fight Issue

The Fight Issue

When we came up with the concept for the Fight issue, we wanted to highlight some of the things that women fight for on a regular basis—from access to birth control to equal pay.