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This is a story, Photo by Kate Edwards

A Poem About a Day, Musings on Perception

Does my experience of a thing have distinct characteristics, does it tap an essence universally understood? The taste of red wine, that is a typical example of qualia. What is the taste of red wine?

What I Learned From My Adult Acne

What I Learned From My Adult Acne

As a teenager, I had a few breakouts here and there around my period, but nothing that couldn’t be treated overnight. My skin was more or less a perfect canvas with a few freckles.

Revenge 2.0: The Rise of Nonconsensual Porn

The internet is a vast resource, one that can enlighten and educate us. But for victims of nonconsensual pornography, it can be a murky pool, in which lurk painful reminders of a violation that only takes a Google search to uncover.