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02 Anxiety

Comic: It Never Ends by Margherita Urbani
It Never Ends by Margherita Urbani

Margherita Urbani is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director. She was born and received her education in Italy before moving to the States in 2008. Her comics have been published in The New York Times, IL Magazine, Apartamento Magazine and others.

Your Own Worst Enemy
Your Own Worst Enemy

How Women Today Counteract That Nagging Self-Doubt: Sexual harassment is just one of a myriad of workplace anxieties that women struggle with on a daily basis. We earn less, are overlooked for promotions and, despite the personal sacrifices and studying it took to get to our current positions, often feel like our place in the workforce has little to do with accomplishments and everything to do with luck. It’s called Impostor Syndrome …