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Happy Hour with Ivy Mix, Speed Rack

Happy Hour with Ivy Mix

Speed Rack’s Ivy Mix is one of those women who comes to mind when you think of the phrase “powerhouse.” She is an artist, in addition to owning one cocktail bar, tending another one and co-founding an international women’s bartending competition, which raises money for breast cancer research. Mix talked to AWT about achieving the right balance of work, play and YOLO.

Sid Azmi, Please Sex Shop

When a Sex Shop Opens in the Neighborhood

Sid is standing on the shoulders of brazen, sex-loving giants. Please wouldn’t be there at all if not for the early pioneers who, starting in the 1970s, established the women’s sex toy industry as we know it, shattering many of the myths surrounding female sexuality along the way.

Gender History Pink Blue

Child’s Play: Pink and Blue Gender History

One of the many recent projects that have set out to explore the issue of gender and its relation to childhood is JeongMee Yoon’s “The Pink and Blue Project,” in which the artist photographed children’s rooms filled with products in only two colors.

Sheila Heti, All Our Happy Days Are Stupid

Pages: Sheila Heti’s All Our Happy Days Are Stupid

A year after Sheila Heti published her hugely original and popular metanovel, How Should a Person Be?, the director Jordan Tannahill contacted her to see if the play the narrator was struggling to write in the novel was real.