07 Mothers & Grandmothers

Grandma Moses, American folk artist

American Folk Artist Grandma Moses Began Her Career at 78

Despite an interest in art from a young age, American folk artist Grandma Moses didn’t begin her artistic career until she was 78 years old. Her charming, colorful images of farm life in rural New England have since become iconic. Born in Greenwich, N.Y., in 1860, Grandma Moses began working as a housekeeper at the age of 12, and continued the work for the next 15 years until she was married at 27 and became a farmer’s wife.

The Only Child Box, by Sara Afzal

The Only Child Box

A 5-year-old with an Anna Karina-esque bob prances into her mother’s nude drawing class in Santa Monica, California. With the focus of a cat, a jet-black-haired woman with striking olive skin and pouty lips sets up her easel and starts to sketch a voluptuous female model.

Seamstress by Emily Wallis Hughes and Counting Sheep by Beth Hoeckel

Poem: Seamstress by Emily Wallis Hughes

Emily Wallis Hughes is a California-born poet currently pursuing an MFA at New York University, where she is a Writers in the Public Schools Fellow. Her poems have been published in Gigantic Magazine and Sacramento News & Review, and anthologized in Burning the Little Candle (Ad Lumen Press).

My Legacy as a Moroccan Woman

My Legacy as a Moroccan Woman

As an avant-garde Islamic feminist, Mernissi explains how illegitimate male domination is. Using the same religious and social grounds men use to oppress, Mernissi demonstrates how women have all the prerogative to conquer their rights and powers.

Mary Ruefle: Menopause: Take My Advice And Throw It Away

Beautiful as a Kaleidoscope: Poet Mary Ruefle’s Advice on Menopause

Writer Mary Ruefle doesn’t own a computer. Her website (obviously managed by someone else) suggests that in order to contact her you should run into someone she knows personally on the street. Well, I emailed someone she knows personally. Then I sat down to my typewriter and typed her a letter, which she answered (also with a typewriter, and with better margins). And so our conversation began.

Maïmouna Guerresi, Adji Baifall Minaret, Stux Gallery

Art by Maïmouna Guerresi

Maïmouna Guerresi is a photographer, sculptor, and video and installation artist. She lives and works in Verona and Milan, Italy, and regularly travels to Dakar, Senegal. An Italian-born artist who converted to Islam and joined the Murid Muslim community in Senegal, Africa, her work now explores cultural diversity, Islamic spirituality and mysticism, and the roots between mother and child.

Dale Appleman, Unfold

Challenging Abstraction

Dale Appleman is a Manhattan native, a distinguished painter and the mother of actress and photographer Gillian Zinser, profiled in AWT’s Rejection issue. We spoke to Appleman about her artistic process, the value of solitude in creative work, and the ways things have changed for female artists between her generation and her daughter’s.