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Valentine’s Day Relationship Goals, No Wins, Annie Liu
Valentine’s Day Relationship Goals

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there are a million gift ideas … If you’re looking for something more unique this year, a print issue of A Women’s Thing is perfect for all the special women in your life.

Valentine's $5 off subscription
Get A Valentine’s Day Gift From AWT!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we’re filled with love for our AWT community. We’ve been staving off February cabin fever together by working hard on our third issue: writing, editing, designing, coding, posting,…

Kisha Bari, photographer for A Women's Thing
Q&A: Kisha Bari (Photographer)

AWT contributing photographer Kisha Bari is passionate about art, photography and social justice. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she is an internationally recognized photographer whose work has been featured in The New York…

Q&A: Shoko Wanger (Blogger)

We chat with Shoko Wanger, friend of AWT and blogging force behind sho & tell, an exquisite blog about 20-something growing pains and beautiful bits of daily life.

How to Make a Magazine

So you want to make a magazine. Where do you start? With one issue under our belts and a second moving into layout, we’re enjoying figuring that out. Here’s a peek into…