So you want to make a magazine. Where do you start? With one issue under our belts and a second moving into layout, we’re enjoying figuring that out. Here’s a peek into our process …

The ever-expanding, ever-changing AWT dream team—writers, artists, designers, curators, scholars, entrepreneurs, lawyers, freelancers, 9-to-5ers—meets once a week in our Lower East Side office (Saskia’s apartment). We go around the room for updates on everyone’s stories, projects, and other orders of business. The bottle opener also makes its quiet rounds. Sometimes we get techy with that magic Macbook/TV hook-up, and sometimes we use good ol’ foamboard. We get things done, but we also leave ample room to discuss our ideas, inspiration, and concerns. And we always leave with something to chew on.

In between meetings, we keep moving using Trello, Gchat, and way too many Google docs. We talk, think, attend events, exchange links and connections, interview, transcribe, chew over, edit … and eventually those thoughtful conversations become the stories that make up AWT.

With our second issue moving into layout (to be released December 30), we’re launching the AWT blog to cover women’s stories and events in real-time. So far, the print edition of our magazine has made it onto the shelves of several NY bookstores including McNally Jackson!

Via this blog, we’ll be bringing you a wealth of content including weekly columns, reviews of women-centric goings-on about town, and profiles of our team members. Art and poetry will also be sprinkled throughout for a heady mix of textual and visual storytelling.

Another important goal of this blog is to make AWT more than a magazine: we want to build a community. We want your ideas, comments, provocations, and voices. What kind of stories would you like to see featured on the AWT blog? What inspires, delights, or enrages you?

Share, comment, and let us know about inspiring women and women-oriented events in your neighborhood. And remember that there will always be a spot for you around Saskia’s coffee table!