Joan Rivers, Female Comedian
Illustrations by Kirby Salvador

Joan Rivers (1933–2014)

Comedy legend Joan Rivers ripped through the comedy world with her razor-sharp jokes and self-deprecating humor. Though sometimes criticized for tearing down other women to get a laugh, her no-holds-barred approach to humor paved the way for generations of female comedians. Born in Brooklyn in 1933, Rivers began doing comedy as a way to fund her acting career. In the 1980s she became a permanent guest host on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, later branching off to host the first female late-night talk show—The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. Though her involvement with the show led to a falling out with Carson, Rivers went on to win an Emmy and secure her legacy as a red-carpet and comedic icon.

Quote by Joan Rivers, Female Comedian
Life is very tough. If you don’t laugh, it’s tough. –Joan Rivers

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