Untitled (Stop x Cool) Nina Chanel Abney
Untitled (Stop x Cool)
Nina Chanel Abney
Unique ultra-chrome pigmented print,
acrylic, spray paint on canvas
52 × 52 Inches, 2015.

Landscape at the Border
By Silvia Bonilla

Pulverized gravel hovers after
the arriving bus,

rising slowly, like the first man
blown from God’s mouth:

perversely curious
and agitated.

It’s lily season!

Girls lean out of stalls
dressed in their finery and hips.

Mutually foreing,
they eye each other.

Music—the clatter of coins in a box.

No man will outwit you,
once you are from the unhinged rib.

Silvia Bonilla is a New York-based poet and translator whose work has appeared in Rhino, Leveler Poetry, and others. She is the author of “An Animal Startled By The Mechanism Of Life” (Deadly Chaps, 2014).

Nina Chanel Abney was born in Chicago and currently lives and works in New York. Her work is included in collections around the world, including the Brooklyn Museum, The Rubell Family Collection, Bronx Museum, and the Burger Collection, Hong Kong.