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Catherine Hernandez is a Well-Spring of Body Wisdom

Catherine Hernandez Is a Well-Spring of Body Wisdom

Each of us has one body to travel through this world in and, unfortunately, many of us have not been taught to love these bodies. Catherine Hernandez feels that we can learn to love our bodies just as they are and that 2017 is a great time to start.

Burning Season by Ruthanne Minoru

The Burning Season

Uncertain if she should stay close to home, Minoru goes off to work for a nonprofit in Thailand to pursue her passion: train with professional Muay Thai fighters who themselves are fighting for stronger bodies and a chance to escape poverty.

This is a story, Photo by Kate Edwards

A Poem About a Day, Musings on Perception

Does my experience of a thing have distinct characteristics, does it tap an essence universally understood? The taste of red wine, that is a typical example of qualia. What is the taste of red wine?