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Esther Ruiz, Well XVII

Art in the Age of Instagram: Esther Ruiz

Inspired by “space operas, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun,” Esther Ruiz’s objects splay the line between both distant and minimal and approachable and hypnotic.

Mary Ruefle: Menopause: Take My Advice And Throw It Away

Poet Mary Ruefle on Menopause: Take My Advice and Throw It Away

Writer Mary Ruefle doesn’t own a computer. Her website (obviously managed by someone else) suggests that in order to contact her you should run into someone she knows personally on the street. Well, I emailed someone she knows personally. Then I sat down to my typewriter and typed her a letter, which she answered (also with a typewriter, and with better margins). And so our conversation began.

Leah Schrager, from series Infinity Selfie

Three Questions with Leah Schrager

Leah Schrager is a woman of her times. Using social media as her gallery, Schrager’s art explores digital identity, celebrity culture & the almighty selfie.