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Seamstress by Emily Wallis Hughes and Counting Sheep by Beth Hoeckel

Poem: Seamstress by Emily Wallis Hughes

Emily Wallis Hughes is a California-born poet currently pursuing an MFA at New York University, where she is a Writers in the Public Schools Fellow. Her poems have been published in Gigantic Magazine and Sacramento News & Review, and anthologized in Burning the Little Candle (Ad Lumen Press).

Mary Ruefle: Menopause: Take My Advice And Throw It Away

Poet Mary Ruefle on Menopause: Take My Advice and Throw It Away

Writer Mary Ruefle doesn’t own a computer. Her website (obviously managed by someone else) suggests that in order to contact her you should run into someone she knows personally on the street. Well, I emailed someone she knows personally. Then I sat down to my typewriter and typed her a letter, which she answered (also with a typewriter, and with better margins). And so our conversation began.

Melissa Ahart, Motherhood

Yes, I Am Writing About Motherhood

Melissa Ahart, a Brooklyn-based poet, shares her experiences bringing poems of birth, motherhood, and postpartum depression to the MFA workshop table.