This Thursday, we’re jazzed. Why are we jazzed? Because we’re a part of this weekend’s Newspaper Edition exhibition at Collectif Blanc.

Collectif Blanc is a curatorial platform in Montreal that promotes hidden jewels of design and print. (Sexily, in French: “nouvelles vagues de design et d’édition imprimés”; or, not quite as sexily but still great, in English: “new waves of publishing and design in print.”)


This year’s exhibition, titled OUI MAIS NON, was inspired by a medium we are clearly devoted to: the newspaper. Collectif Blanc points out that the “print is dead” line favored by cynics, curmudgeons and questionably literate doomsayers brings to mind the newspaper first and foremost. However, “[t]here are now more tools and better access than ever to printing on newsprint … And many artists, designers and independent editors are embracing the medium.”

And we’re in great company. OUI MAIS NON features A Women’s Thing among 200 amazing-looking newspapers from print devotees all over the world, including Singapore, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and many more.



So if you’re in Quebec or happen to find yourself there (or fancy an impromptu weekend road trip—we’re considering it!), stop by the exhibition, which starts Friday and runs through Sunday. From the CB website:

“Please join us at OUI MAIS NON for the opening on Friday June 5 and a whole exhibition weekend (June 6–7). We will be showcasing over 200 rare newspapers by international and local artists, designers and editors. Come party with us and dig into some gorgeous newsprint (limited editions on sale)!”

We’re ready to pack some snacks and hit the road! A bientôt!


Images: Collectif Blanc