The Madness Issue


There is nothing more maddening than the feeling of being alone—on a political issue; in a personal belief; with our work, our convictions, or our conflicts—when in those moments what we need most is togetherness. Even the ubiquity of pocket-computer companionship has proven to promote isolation. It’s as we suspected: Nothing compares to old-fashioned in-personism. Therefore, we’ve decided to kick up our community game. In the next six months we’re committing to gathering our AWT body (editors, writers, artists, readers, friends) for live events in Manhattan and Brooklyn, our home. Don’t live here? Take a road trip. We want to see your face.

Welcome to our 12th issue—number of cosmic order, signs in the Zodiac, months in the year—in which we investigate the topic of Madness: what it is (the opioid epidemic, page 20), what it isn’t (patriarchal institutionalization, page 51), and how to combat it (female communities!, page 16).

Format: 8.25 x 11 inches, 100 pages printed on matte, recycled paper. Heavier cover stock. No advertising.

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