Fearless Warrior by Holly Suzanne Rader
Fearless Warrior
Holly Suzanne Rader
Mixed media and acrylic on panel
60 × 48 Inches, 2015.
Image courtesy of Detour Gallery

Some Days
By Silvia Bonilla

Hunger meant a number of things: grandmother
carrying her anemic Jesus as a companion

the cold—
cold burners she lighted with tedium
to brew bitter pau d’arco

and boil oyocos

a red moon means war! She’d bring
sheets in from the cloth-line

the house dimmed with burnt palo santo—

we believed it was what brought tears to her eyes

Silvia Bonilla is a New York-based poet and translator whose work has appeared in Rhino, Leveler Poetry, and others. She is the author of “An Animal Startled By The Mechanism Of Life” (Deadly Chaps, 2014).

Holly Suzanne Rader began her fine arts career as a classically trained portrait painter, evolving into a sculptor and mixed media artist. Her work explores a wide range of materials including acrylic, photo collage, wax, resin, paper mache, sequins, glitter and even candy.