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Reisha Perlmutter, Courtesy of Alexandra Fanning Communications

Art in the Age of Instagram: Reisha Perlmutter

Reisha Perlmutter’s works in water is art of the double-take variety, possessing a photographic quality upon first glance. Perlmutter studied painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her MFA from The New York Academy of Art.

Esther Ruiz, Well XVII

Art in the Age of Instagram: Esther Ruiz

Inspired by “space operas, pop culture, geometry and the setting sun,” Esther Ruiz’s objects splay the line between both distant and minimal and approachable and hypnotic.

Painting (Ophelia by Delacroix). Self-portrait

“Identity Doesn’t Exist” —Kimiko Yoshida

“There is no search for identity in my work. I know that identity doesn’t exist. There are only infinite layers of me. If I peel them back, like the skin of an onion, there will be nothing underneath.” —Kimiko Yoshida