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Illustrations by Nicole Liao

Why We Need More Female Music Fans

Fandoms surrounding musicians like Hayley Williams of Paramore show us how women and girls are driving forces in the music industry.

Painting (Ophelia by Delacroix). Self-portrait

“Identity Doesn’t Exist” —Kimiko Yoshida

“There is no search for identity in my work. I know that identity doesn’t exist. There are only infinite layers of me. If I peel them back, like the skin of an onion, there will be nothing underneath.” —Kimiko Yoshida

A Women's Thing Summer Madness Issue, Cover by Kimiko Yoshida

The Madness Issue

There is nothing more maddening than the feeling of being alone—on a political issue; in a personal belief; with our work, our convictions, or our conflicts—when in those moments what we need most is togetherness.