Top left to right: Sociology professor Ginetta Candelario and historian Tatiana Reinoza. Bottom left: artists Lina Puerta and Elia Alba. Photo courtesy of KODA.

Womanhood and Women’s Rights Panel Discussion led by sociology professor Ginetta Candelario with artist Lina Puerta, artist Elia Alba, and art historian Tatiana Reinoza.

October 21, 2020
6–7:30 PM

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The discussion will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage and encourage especially Latinx communities to vote. Speakers will explore the theme of identity at the crossroads of the individual and the collective. What rights do we have as humans—how have such rights been suppressed on grounds of ‘categories’ of identity such as ethnicity or gender. How is an individual’s identity (and its expression) in current society influenced by identifications of gender and ethnicity? Could we move, as a society, towards surpassing such divisive categories towards a more ‘collective’ identity, seeing ourselves as citizens of the Earth? How would reconsiderations of gender identity influence our social, political, economic rights?